Top 6 Best Bangs in Hollywood!
  • Added: (2011-05-15 14:11:06)
  • Babaii, who also styled Emma Stone for this month’s Glamour, says anyone can pull off a bang, provided the cut suits them. “They can be short, rounded or straight bangs so they fit their face shape.” He recommends having clients try on a wig so they can see what their bangs will look like before the cut—which is exactly what he does with his superstar clientele.


     More styling suggestions from Babaii:


    • Let bangs grow a bit longer to sweep to one side and clip with a hair accessory

    • Create piecey bangs by using a paste to create and define separations

    • Use a flat iron and something like Pequi Oil to create a shiny dramatically straight bang

    • Texturize bangs to give them a different look

    • Use a large round brush to bump the ends under to soften the line



    These six stars below have made bangs a part of their everyday look, and we say they've nailed the perfect bangs for their individual style. In fact, we're calling them the top six bangs in Hollywood. Do you agree? Have we left any best bangs off the list? Tell us in the comments below!

    Olivia Wilde's fringe is long, wispy and a bit sexy. It camouflages a high forehead while setting off her eyes.


    Emma Stone's angled fringe looks sweet pushed to the side. Thicker bangs give her lots of versatility in creating different looks.


    Rashida Jones's shorter bangs, which stop above her eyebrow, look fresh rather than juvenile. They make her hair look thicker, too.


    Reese Witherspoon's longer, sideswept bangs soften the angles of her heart-shaped face. They can easily be pinned to the side or pulled back to switch things up.


    Zooey Deschanel's thick, blunt bangs graze the eye for a retro look that suits her vintage style and emphasizes her deep blue eyes.


    Nicole Richie's bangs are from an oldie hairstyle (Nicole has since grown them out), but a goodie. We loved her bangs in its many variations, and this long fringe with her hippie hairstyle is a favorite.