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My name is Izzet Günbil, I have been a hairstylist for over 26 years. I started my hairstyling career in 1981. I opened my first salon in 1983 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Among few salons that I have owned, some successful and some disastrous, I managed to over-come most of the obstacles that were presented to me in my hair/beauty salon career.

My award winning hair styles and hair cutting techniques have been recognized throughout the salon industry for many years. I have competed in many hair shows. I won the championship at the Colorado Cosmetology Association (show) in 1987 (Gents). I was the fourth qualifier on the Colorado state team which we represented my adopted beautiful home state (Colorado) in the UFCW show (The largest hair show in the North America), at the time.

Fortunately, I was successful, which helped me to retire at an early age of 42 years old. However, I have to admit that I miss the salon atmosphere, the unique sounds of a on-the-go salon, the sharing of ideas (team-work) and the creation of dreaming the ultimate cut and delivering the end result "style". This desire never stopped even now, as I often I visit hair salons, the aroma, sound of blow dryers, shop talk in the background, phone ringing, music in the backdrop, admiring the ambiance and living the moment in memory. I also missed my co-workers, my friends. But most of all I missed the clients whom trusted me and looked forward on coming in. Equally, I was waiting on them. I realized how important they were to me from my very first customer, Ms. Francoise Müller.
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